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Wiki Etiquette

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 Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

- Henry  Ford


Wikis are collaborative tools that allow community members to build content. Knowing Wiki Etiquette helps make your collaborative experience successful.


  • Be polite: As with any electronic tool, it’s easy to get the wrong impression about the tone of a comment. Disagreements about content can easily become heated. If this happens, take a break for a while.

  • Be brave: Create content AND edit the content of others. Wikis develop more successfully when members fix problems, correct spelling and grammar, or add information. This is a collaborative tool, so do not be afraid to help one another.

  • Make comments: If you make changes, explain why you made the changes. You can use the comment bar or create a comments page. You can always email community members also. All changes you make are reversible EXCEPT deleting the entire page/site (which only administrators can do).

  • Give praise: If someone has added some content such as a video or photo OR taken time to clean things up for easier reading, take time to thank them. This will make them want to do it again!

  • Use structure: Wikis need structure to make them easy to read. Using structure to shape the message will help others find information quickly and easily. 

  • Resize images:  to avoid long download times.

  • Use correct grammar and punctuation: Treat the content as if you were writing a formal paper. Practice good grammar and punctuation.


  • Take it personally. Do not take offense when someone edits your work. While you may not agree with every change, that is the nature of collaboration. It does not mean that your community members dislike you or think that you are stupid.

  • Ignore questions. If someone asks you a question, do not ignore it. Answer with polite reasons why you added something or changed something.

  • Delete useful content: Deleting content upsets people. Do not delete information. Perhaps the post can be edited to make it better. Always explain what and why you edited.

  • Do not steal locks: When someone is editing a page, YOU cannot edit that page. If you try, a text box notifies you that the page is being actively edited by another member of the wiki community. Leave the page for at least 5 minutes to allow the person to finish the edit. Stealing locks from your community member upsets people. SAVE FREQUENTLY.




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