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Editing Photos and Uploading Video to YouTube for Wiki

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Becky Smeltzer

February 2011


Link to PowerPoint PDF


Editing your photos with Picnik is quick, easy, and free!


Go to Picnik: http://www.picnik.com/



  1. Free accounts are available.
  2. Registration is NOT required, but you can do more cool things if you go through the simple registration process.
  3. Grab photos from your desktop, Picasa, facebook, flickr, photobucket, or wherever you store them.
  4. Edit them in real time--crop, resize, rotate.
  5. Add special effects.
  6. Share with others.
  7. Upload to the Wiki. 
  8. Switch to Edit mode.
  9. On the far right side of the page, Click on Insert Images and Files
  10. Click on Upload files 


If you prefer to watch some videos that teach you how to use Picnik, check out the series produced by Butterscotch at http://www.butterscotch.com/tutorial/Photo-Editing-Tips-With-Picnik


Uploading Video to YouTube


  1. First, you need a YouTube account.
    Go to http://www.youtube.com/

    You may be asked to provide a Google or G-mail account and you may be asked to provide your cell phone number.
  2. Next, your video must be smaller than 2GB in size, less than 15 minutes, and in an acceptable file format. (.AVI, .WMV, .FLV, .MPEG4, .MOV, 3GPP, .MPEGPS).
  3. Click the Upload link at the top of any YouTube page.
  4. Click the Upload video button to browse for the video file on your computer. Select the file and click Open.
  5. As the video is uploading, enter as much information as you can in the relevant fields (Title, Description, Tags, and Category).
  6. Click the Save changes button to save the updates you made to the video file.
  7. On the Wiki page, go to Insert, Video, and YouTube Video.
  8. Copy and Paste the URL or Embed Code. 




NOTE: You can upload up to 10 videos in a single uploading session!  


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