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Prezi-Presentational Software

ISDLS Conference

February 11, 2011

8:15 AM

Julia Kirk




Goals for the presentation:

What is Prezi?

How do I get started?

What are some basic skills for creating a Prezi-tation?

What are some examples of Prezi-tations?

Where do I get more information to make bigger and better Prezi-tations?



What is Prezi?


Prezi is a type of presentational software. The difference between Prezi and say, PowerPoint, is that Prezi is a non-linear way to present information and ideas. You can incorporate pictures within pictures and varied paths of conveying information. Why Prezi?



How do I get started?



1. Click Sign Up Now

2. Note the Educator accounts at the bottom left of the page: "Student/Teacher Licenses"

3. Choose the Student/Teacher license. To get this deal, you must have a .edu email account.

4. The EduEnjoy is plenty, at least for now. When you learn to do more, you may want to upgrade.

5. Click "Get" and put in your email. At that point, you will need to go to your email for a code to activate your account.

6. Note that you are not downloading software, it's all online!!

7. You can, however, download the presentations when you are done if you will not have internet access at your place of presentation. Unfortunately, the free version of the eduational license does limit how many downloads you can have. So, if you will be downloading them much, you may want to purchase the advanced version.


I've got an account, now what do I do?

When you are logged into your account, click "New Prezi." You'll name your Prezi and give it a description, but this is just for you, like a file name. It doesn't actually title your presentation or anything.

Now, you're ready to start!

  • The wheel in the top left corner is your "toolbar" of sorts. Everything you need to know and do is located in/on the wheel.
  • Also, there is a bar on the far right of the screen that will zoom in and out. Keep in mind you are not looking at a particular "page" but a series of images and words for your presentation. You can zoom in and make things really small or zoom out and make them large. Here is a demonstration:


  1. The first thing you should do, or that I like to do, is change the theme/design of my Prezi. Click on the Colors and Fonts circle on the wheel. This will give you predefined themes that you can click on to incorporate. Choose any theme by clicking on it. Try not to use the colors as a guide because you can change those. Once you pick a theme, you can click on the "Theme Wizard" button to change the colors of the theme. So, first choose the theme, then change the colors. Now, you're ready to create your Prezi! 
  2. You may want to include a frame. A frame, which you can get by clicking on the Frame circle on the wheel, will allow you to group images and texts into a sort of organized area. This is very good for people who like the "slide" concept from PowerPoint. I choose not to use frames, because I like the freedom Prezi gives me. However, if you want to insert a frame, simply click on one, like the circle and click to drag it in an area. You can do it before or after adding a group of text and images to "group" them together. 
  3. The next thing to do is add text. To add text, click anywhere on the screen and type, then, when you've got the words right, you can make it a title style, title 2 style or body style, remember you picked these back in the theme wizard. Now, click Ok. Again, if you have a frame, you may want to try to contain the text to the frame. Or, you can simply put text on a blank page and skip the frame all together.
    1. Once you type your text, you may want to make changes to it. For example, you may want to change the size and/or the color and possibly the placement on the page. 
    2. When you type a circle will appear over the top of your text. You can click on the inside most circle to move the object. The next ring of circles will allow you to resize large and small. The outermost wheel will angle your text or flip it upside down.
    3. If you do decide at this point that you want to change the color of your text, you will need to go back to the colors and fonts wheel and choose the theme wizard again. 
  4. Another thing you will probably want to do in Prezi is to insert graphics. This includes pictures and/files from your computer or from the internet. If you have a picture saved on your computer that you want to insert, simply click on the insert circle on the wheel, then browse for your picture. When you find it, simply click insert. The same three tiered circle will appear as it did for the text and it has the same functions.
    • If you are trying to copy and paste an image from the internet or another source, you will actually need to right click and save the picture. Then, you will insert it like above with a saved picture file.
    • You can also do a screenshot or a PDF snip of an item to insert onto your Prezi. This is not Prezi specific, but it's a great way to get an image that is not currently saved as an image file. 
      • To do a screenshot, it depends on your operating system how you would begin. If you have Windows 7, there is a "snipping tool" in the Accessories area that will allow you to create an image from what you have on your screen.
      • If you have an earlier version of Windows, you can use the PrintScreen button to capture what's on your screen. See I can capture the wiki here by clicking on Print Screen and I can crop it by putting it into the simplest program like paint. So, once you capture something, you save it as a picture, then you can insert it into your Prezi just like a regular picture.
      • When you put your picture in, it will automatically come in front of the words. If you want it to be a bit of a background image, you can simply click on the picture to get the circle triage, then, click on the plus sign. This will allow you to send the picture to the back of the other images on the screen. 
  • You can also insert chapes from the insert circle. This is handy if you want to point out something in the image you just inserted or link words together. To insert a shape, click the Insert circle and then click the Shape circle. Your choices are arrows, lines and highlighters.
  • You can also insert a YouTube video into your Prezi. To insert a video, click on the Insert circle and then click the YouTube circle. Then, you will just paste the URL of YouTube into the box and the video will appear on your Prezi. When you are running the show, to play the video, simply click on the image.

Let's pause for a few notes: 





Ready to run the show-

  • Now you are ready to set the Path for your show. Click on the circle that says "Path." 

  • Click on the "Add 1-2" circle, then you will choose each item one by one to navigate through your Prezi. For example, you'll click on your title first, then possibly an image, then your next point, then your next, etc. 

  • Once you are done making your path, go back to the wheel and click the arrow between the two circles. Now, click the "Show" circle. As you run through your presentation, use the arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen to navigate through your show.

  • Notice that Prezi will automatically adjust the zoom and the angle to best center and capture that one image in it's path.   


To present your show to an audience:

1. You can print it as a PDF so you have something to read from. Choose Print, then when it's done running the pages, click "Print as PDF."

     Once you've printed, click Exit to get out of editing mode.

2. Now, you can simply log into your Prezi from any computer to run the show. Or, you can send the link to yourself or others for them to view your show. Or, you can upload the link to a wiki or website for people to view.

3. OR, and even better, you can download the Prezi to your flashdrive or to your computer so that you can present it even if the internet is not available. To download, simply click the download button and follow the directions. Remember that if you put a YouTube video in your presentation you will still have to be connected to the internet for the video to play. 

4. The button labeled "Save a Copy" is actually a copy of the Prezi. This would be useful if you created a presentation and then you wanted a similar presentation but didn't want to start from scratch.

5. If you want to edit again, simply click on the editing button.


What are some examples?

There are two here for your viewing pleasure, however, more can be found at the links at the bottom of the page.






Where do I go for more information?

Ways to find Prezi's to use for inspiration or viewing: http://prezi.com/explore/

A set of Prezi examples: http://www.diigo.com/list/aadavis/prezi-examples

Debby Lee's wiki on Prezi http://tetc2010.pbworks.com/w/page/33057984/Prezi:-Taking-Presentations-to-the-Next-Level  

A google site on Prezi: http://sites.google.com/site/prezilinks/

And finally, a Prezi blog: http://blog.prezi.com/



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